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043. TGT: The Courage To Start

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043. TGT: The Courage To Start Jon Mayo Podcast

Episode 43 from The Grit Theory. Today I hammer out a few idea’s on starting new adventures, responding to significant life change, and the key to succeeding as the new guy. Did you value today's conversation? If Yes, please SHARE IT, do not wait, take Decisive Action Now! Ready to dive deeper? Click HERE.We are grateful you joined us! Don't Forget! As a special THANK YOU for tuning into the Jon Mayo Podcast, use code 'BERELENTLESS' over at the ULA Universe to enjoy a 10% discount site wide!

Episode 43 from The Grit Theory. 

Today I hammer out a few idea’s on starting new adventures, responding to significant life change, and the key to succeeding as the new guy. 

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Episode Transcript

00;00;10;25 – 00;00;38;13
Hello, everyone. So lots of exciting things going on right now. It’s definitely a season of transition and change. And today it’s actually just me, but had a few ideas to hammer out in share. So I want to talk about starting new, starting over that type of thing and why we should do it more and not allow the

00;00;38;13 – 00;00;57;29
fear of starting something and being the new guy from inhibiting us from doing those things. So pretty cool happens to be the beginning of the year, which is almost unfortunately in cliche and it’s timeliness. But. It is what it is.

00;00;58;13 – 00;01;19;21
So. This week started a new job in a new organization, which is pretty exciting, have some very exciting projects that will be revealed in time. So you have to stay tuned and that is taking up a lot of bandwidth, but I’m extremely excited to bring it to everyone as soon as it’s ready and.

00;01;21;00 – 00;01;35;20
In addition to that started jujitsu, which we talked about a while ago. So just a lot of starting things, and I realized that they all made me uncomfortable and I was having a conversation with a buddy who was listening to one of the episodes.

00;01;36;01 – 00;01;53;21
And we started talking about this idea of of starting things and where the value of it comes in. So and why people don’t pursue their dreams or pursue their desires. And that’s where I want to jump in. So, you know, when you think about doing something new, that’s daunting and scary.

00;01;53;26 – 00;02;15;06
There are inhibitors that make it daunting and scary. Right, right. There’s fear and discomfort. There is the concern of loss, the concern of failure. And for a lot of people that can stop you from even trying to do something that may spark joy and change your entire existence into something more positive.

00;02;16;05 – 00;02;33;20
And there’s this great hack or in something frightened you can tell yourself, Oh, this is exciting and funny enough, there’s a bunch of studies that show that it actually works to some capacity. So that’s cool. So just, you know, tell yourself that things that scare your exciting.

00;02;36;25 – 00;02;51;29
Looking at jujitsu, going and becoming. A floor mop for a bunch of people. There’s no hiding your capability, you are what you are. And just being willing to be the new guy and say, Hey, I’m here, I’m an empty cup.

00;02;52;08 – 00;03;06;13
All I want to do is learn, please work me and teach me. And I will do my best to apply it. It’s super cool because then you can leave your pride at the door. You’re freed from that. You get to do something that you want to.

00;03;06;18 – 00;03;19;29
You get to learn and improve at it all the more quickly because you’re not being prideful and you’ve admitted that you need to learn it. And you start the journey, so that’s one approach, and then the other thing is like with the new job.

00;03;21;22 – 00;03;36;04
You don’t necessarily want to be an empty cup going into a position you just fought for based on all of your experience, but no one cares about what you did in the past. Or at least that’s been what I’ve realized and that was confirmed today on day one.

00;03;37;10 – 00;03;53;03
In this new position, but no one cares, all they care about is who you are now and where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do. And there’s a freedom in that, though also because you don’t have to carry around the weight of proving yourself based on who you were.

00;03;53;25 – 00;04;12;20
You get to build who you are. I think there’s something liberating to that. So. The encouragement and all this. Is don’t let the inhibitors of pursuing and pulling the trigger on that thing you’ve been wanting to do, they change, you’ve been wanting to make.

00;04;14;06 – 00;04;35;16
Get in the way of actually growing and begin to maximize that potential. You can control and change that fear to excitement and. Pursue the benefits. Right. There’s opportunity in making changes and starting new things. There’s room for. Tons of growth.

00;04;36;24 – 00;04;54;16
And it ultimately is the spice of life that just brings fullness and gratitude instead of denying yourself and just staying in the. Redundancy that may or may not be trapping you so. All that in mind. Not a lot.

00;04;55;05 – 00;05;16;22
It’s amazingly deafening to do one of these solo. I miss the other voices, but I wanted to ensure to capture this and share it. And get it to everyone to chew on. But really, what have you been afraid to start or change that you need to and would?

00;05;18;17 – 00;05;44;12
Pulling the trigger on that same. Getting excited about it, telling yourself, you’re excited. Focusing on the benefits and releasing yourself from the pride that. Is coupled with the fear of loss or looking foolish or what have you. Instead, for the wonder and excitement of getting to do something new and grow your aperture in your capabilities and your

00;05;44;12 – 00;05;55;13
opportunities, would that be something that’s freeing life giving? And. Encouraging what is that thing for you or are you doing it?

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