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What is the Universal Learning Approach?

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More Than Our Company's Name, it is a Belief, Lifestyle & Learning Approach

Aside from being the name of our company, the Universal Learning Approach (ULA) represents a Belief, Lifestyle & Learning Approach. The belief is that we, as humans, are most powerful when we are individually free, and that we are universally capable of exercising sovereignty over our lives. It is from this belief in human potential and personal sovereignty that we strive to unleash individual capability, empowering people to cultivate their full abilities and seek to lead intentional, disciplined, value-creating lives that maximize each fleeting moment that we have.

A Matter of Personal Sovereignty

The more you seek to control external events, the less control you will have over your own life.

Holistically we as humans are comprised of three elements, our minds, our bodies, and our souls, and it is at the merger of the the mind, the body, and the soul that we can identify how we feel in the current moment. Whats more, it is when we suspend ourselves in the tension between these three elements of the self and evaluate how we feel and what we think about the current moment that we become aware of the fact that we can alter how we interpret our circumstances, determine our responses, and lead our lives. It this merger that represents the essence of who we are and it is the only thing that we can reliably control and truly alter should we choose to live intentionally.

The Three

The three rings in our logo represent the mind, the body, and the soul. They additionally represent, ourself, our families, and our communities. However we will focus on the Mind, Body and Soul here.

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Always be challenging and developing your mind! It is critical that we continuously seek to learn, adapt and grow. This can be accomplished both through cultivating discipline and learning new things. We seek to promote the development of the mind through the Be Relentless Podcast, the ULA Blog, and "Be Relentless: If the Obstacles is the way, then we must be WayMakers."

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Always be challenging and developing your body! We believe it is our duty to strengthen our bodies and increase our physical capacity. This in turn gives us health, and a more natural ability to tackle the challenges that life throws at us. To do this takes a life time of discipline and effort but the rewards of this pursuit are received daily. We seek to promote this by providing Sisu Stamina, Performance Evolved.

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Always seek to be more resilient internally than the external world around you! What if at the end of your life you had to meet the best version of yourself? How large would the gap be from who your are today compared to who you were meant to become? We believe that at our core we are meant to strive for excellence. To work to bring good into the world and to live in peace.

Between the stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space lies our freedom and power to choose our responses. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Universal Learning Approach Methodology

The Learning Approach

As a learning methodology, the Universal Learning Approach is a powerful, action based, flow oriented way to intuitively and effectively learn new information and improve our developmental processes. It is focused on successfully executing a new action as simply as possible and then, iteratively enhancing how we execute the action over time. 
Look at the ULA symbol (the series of parallel lines above). The bigger the line, the higher the priority. When taking on a new skill, focus on where you are now and where you want to go (point A and point B are represented by the longest lines that bookend the sequence on either end). After that, focus on the most critical action that you need to do to be able to successful execute the new skill (this is represented by the center line). Once this item is identified and you action it, you are participating in executing the new skill that you have sought to learn and can fill in the smaller details over time to improve how you get there.
Traditional learning methods advocate a manufacturing assembly style to learning that have you focus sequentially on all of the details from start to finish. This is discouraging and causes the overall task to appear far more daunting. Which, in turn, can set us up for failure. As an alternative, the ULA is the intuitive approach that allows you to take on new things swiftly, and through application enhance your performance much more efficiently! 

This learning method is indirectly modeled in the operating framework to lead a maximized life, as presented in “Be Relentless: If the obstacle is the way, then we must be WayMakers.” Further more stay tuned for the ULA-University!



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