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Our Story

Hello there, I’m Jon. Back in 2016, my fellow artillery officer, Kirk, and I were brought together during our service in the Active Duty Army. We were assigned to lead our Battalion’s Fire Direction team, a team with the critical role of controlling indirect fires across the battlefield, supporting an entire Brigade Combat Team. It was no small task, but through the challenges and victories, we transformed our underperforming team into the top Battalion Fire Direction team in our Division. We found unity in our quest to challenge the status quo, care for our team, strive for excellence, and dominate our space. Little did we know then, these shared experiences would establish a lifelong bond and plant the seeds for an exciting future venture.

Post-military life wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for me. Like many others transitioning to civilian life, I grappled with a sense of purposelessness. It was in these moments of introspection that I realized the need to create my own purpose, rather than simply searching for it.

As we navigated life’s challenges together, I proposed an idea to Kirk – to embark on a new journey, one that would create value and purpose. Kirk, who was on the other side of the world wrestling with his own challenges, was ready to join me in this new adventure. Our vision was simple, yet powerful: to create solutions that empower people to lead better lives and create more value.

However, pinpointing our starting point wasn’t straightforward. We recalled our time serving in grueling 24-hour operations, kept awake by ‘Stimulant Day Dreams’. We asked ourselves: What if we could create an energy supplement that empowered people to perform at their best, without compromising on health? What if one didn’t have to trade tomorrow’s wellbeing for today’s achievements?

After two and a half years of trial and error, Sisu Stamina, Performance Evolved, was born. More than just an energy booster, these handy, take with you anywhere chews provide razor-sharp focus and unending stamina, while contributing to cognitive and physical benefits after just 14 days of consistent use. It was the tool we wished we had during our time serving – a tool that now exists for those safeguarding freedom, for those building a brighter future, and for those pushing the boundaries of human potential.

Join us, and together, let’s redefine what’s possible.

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Our Mission

At the Universal Learning Approach (ULA), our mission is to equip individuals to lead maximized lives, build strong communities and create lasting value.

Jonathan Mayo


Hi there,

I’m Jon, one half of the force behind the Universal Learning Approach (ULA) and Sisu Stamina, and I’m thrilled to have you here. My journey has seen me transition from leading in the Army to navigating the often tumultuous tides of civilian life. Yet, through the chaos, clarity emerged, sparking the idea for a solution to fuel those safeguarding freedom, building a brighter future, and pushing the bounds of human potential.

But let me paint a more vivid picture for you.

When I’m not plotting to revolutionize performance enhancement, you can find me in the thick of an exhilarating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) match or embracing the beautiful chaos that comes with being a father to four young boys. My family is my rock, and I’m proud to say I’m insanely happily married.

I’m also a host and an author. You might recognize my voice from the Be Relentless Podcast or the Thought Expeditions Conversations. If you’ve read my book, “Be Relentless: If the obstacle is the way, then we must be WayMakers,” you already know a bit about my philosophy on life and resilience.

Pain, for me, is a teacher—a harsh yet necessary guide towards growth. I’m always in pursuit of more beautiful questions, the kind that provoke thought and, more importantly, drive action. Because, let’s face it, thought is nothing without action.

My desire to create a better world starts with working on myself and extends outward into my community, rippling towards a wider impact. Every day, I aim to embody the values we’ve instilled into the ULA and work to fuel through Sisu Stamina: intentionality, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, please feel free to reach out through our contact page, or subscribe to join the movement! 


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Kirk Van Everen

Van Everen


I’m Kirk, the other driving force behind the Universal Learning Approach (ULA) and Sisu Stamina. But before embarking on this revolutionary journey, I spent nearly 12 years on active duty in the Army. From jumping out of planes in the early days to deploying twice to Afghanistan and working across all echelons of the Army—from the company level up to a 4-star Army headquarters—I’ve amassed a wealth of experience. This unique background not only granted me a perspective to influence positive changes internationally at scale but also became the catalyst for my aspiration to develop ULA.

Throughout my service, I’ve had the privilege of managing international operations and delving deep into strategic planning at a theater level. Those travels to far-flung corners of the globe were potent, transformative experiences, underscoring just how vast the need is for global assistance.

My ethos is firmly rooted in service to others, striving to uplift those less fortunate. This very conviction fuels our mission at ULA — to empower every individual to tap into their vast potential and flourish.

At home, I eagerly await the arrival of my first son with my extraordinary wife, a skilled veterinarian, who, along with our three wonderful dogs, keeps our home full of love.

When I’m unplugged from these endeavors, you’ll often find me embracing the outdoors — be it hiking, snowboarding, or traveling. I love photography and meeting people from all backgrounds. 

Thank you for pausing to learn a bit about my story. I eagerly anticipate our shared journey toward a brighter, empowered future. Let’s connect and embark on this transformative adventure together.

Warm regards,


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Our Vision

Fueled by the powerful question: ‘How might we unleash human potential?’ we seek to create a world where individual freedom, maximized living, unity, love, and life are championed by a powerful, interconnected, global community of WayMakers who utilize the tools and services we create to make the world a better place.



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