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What is a ULA Affiliate?

A ULA Affiliate is an individual contributor who harnesses their influence to champion purposeful living and growth. Unlike the ULA allies, which represent collaborative partnerships between the ULA and various organizations, an affiliate operates on a personal level. By joining our affiliate program, you’re not just promoting a message; you’re making a tangible impact on lives and earning an income. We handle the intricate details, allowing you to focus solely on amplifying the message within your network. Join us today!

Join the Movement: Amplify Impact as a ULA Affiliate

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Seek Significance

Join the Movement: Amplify Impact as a ULA Affiliate

Embarking on the ULA affiliate journey means you’re more than just a promoter; you’re a pivotal player in shaping a promising future for WayMakers everywhere. Envision a scenario where your unique influence becomes a beacon, kindling a fire of purposeful living and unparalleled growth within your network. Our vision and mission are deeply intertwined, driven by the compelling question: ‘How might we unleash human potential?’ We dream of a realm where freedom, boundless living, unity, love, and the essence of life itself are celebrated, upheld by a robust, interconnected global tribe of WayMakers. These WayMakers use the tools and services we provide as catalysts for a more enriched world. Why does ULA exist? To furnish individuals with the means to lead lives of immense significance, forge resilient communities, and create enduring value. And in this mission, while we handle the intricate details, your role is crystal clear: be the voice that amplifies our message.

Scaleable Commission Rates for Accelerated Earnings

generous earnings

Generous Tiered Earnings

Scalable Commission Rates For Accelerated Earnings

Dive into our dynamic affiliate program and watch your earnings multiply. Start with a competitive 8% commission, and as you champion our brand, see it climb up to an impressive 12%. The power is in your hands: the more you sell, the more you earn. 

1 - 100 Sales
8% Commission
101 - 500 Sales
10% Commission
501 + Sales
12% Commission

Unlock Passive Recurring Commission: Earn More with Every Renewal!

Step into our affiliate program and not only earn on the initial sale, but also reap recurring rewards with zero extra effort. When you connect us to subscription-based sales, you’ll pocket the full commission rate (listed above) upfront and then enjoy a passive income of up to 6% for every repeated order. The beauty? These subscriptions renew automatically, ensuring you a steady stream of commissions as long as your referrals stay subscribed.

1 - 100 Subscriptions
4% Commission
101 - 500 Subscriptions
5% Commission
501 + Subscriptions
6% Commission

Unlock Passive Recurring Commission: Earn More with Every Renewal!

recurring earnings

Earn Residual Income Every Month


We Handle the Rest. No Logistics, No Shipping, No Hassle.

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