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Warriors and WayMakers – to win the fight, first, we must fight

We dream; often, deeply, and surreally. But why? Because life could be so much more interesting, or thrilling, or fun if only we had __________.

Fight For Yourself

Don’t blame yourself. Blame other people. That’s mainstream thought. Mainstream thought tells us what we should need, do, or buy or what we should not need, not do, or not buy. How many things, ideas, or lifestyles have you been presented with today that differ from what you desire? How different are you right now from who you want to be, or how you want to present yourself? Do you even have a vision for yourself? Most of us don’t because, consciously or subconsciously, we’re told who we are. Formally, our job titles define us and shape the little box we operate in, and informally, passively learned societal roles can dictate behaviors and skills for us.

We live confined by imposed limitations. It’s likely that these limitations start as benign suggestions (through media, communities, workplaces, and organizations) but are fortified by us as barriers to our progression, success, or contentment1. Take your career, for example. What certifications are required to advance? What do they cost? Are you satisfied in your role, given what you need to advance?

Now consider your role as a mother or father, boyfriend or girlfriend, or athlete, or cook, or driver, or whatever you’d like to be better at. When you think about how to improve in this role, what does it cost – in terms of time, energy, etcetera? Contextualize “cost” to your specific need or desire.

And now you’re dreaming again – this time of what you could be. What you will be. Think about this – of the resources you just determined, how many have been presented to you today? How many are you capable of receiving or completing? Why? What we need can start small, if we let it. No one needs to become Braveheart, leading underdogs into a ceremonial and literal battle for freedom, or Shughart and Gordon (name that movie?), giving up everything to deliver a man into freedom, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t fighting the same war within us1.

Commit To Yourself, Not Against Yourself

We hold onto wounds from previous battles (experiences and relationships – with friends, with employers, with organizations) that tell us we aren’t liked, don’t have what it takes, aren’t good enough, or don’t belong1. Then we negotiate with ourselves to believe these lies (insert your bull**** excuse from earlier) and impose limitations on ourselves for whom we are allowed to be or what we are permitted to achieve, restricting our freedom to do or be as we please. Because it’s easier. It’s safer. It’s what is expected of us – it’s what we should need, do, or buy. Finding freedom is crucial to embracing our identities and authority over our own lives. Unleash yourself; find who you are, decide how you want to become more, then do it.

This is far easier said than done, but figuring out the lies you’ve negotiated with yourself is the first step. From there, you can let them go and start on your warpath; become a WayMaker.

As a WayMaker, take risks, pursue passions, and step out of your comfort zone. Stretching yourself will yield personal growth and a deeper understanding of who you are; become intimately familiar with your mettle, resilience, and fortitude2. Know how hard you can push yourself, and more importantly, when you’re going to need support and who will offer what you need. Knowing for yourself is critical. Don’t let mainstream thought tell you anymore.

Think For Yourself

But aren’t I telling you what to do? So, shouldn’t you blow off what I’m saying? Hardly. I’m telling you to figure out what to think. Frankly, I don’t care what it is. The decision itself matters far less than how you arrive at it. If your decision is to follow social media influencers to lead a life you’ve seen modeled and believe will deliver the satisfaction you’re pursuing, great. Commit to it and be excellent at it. If your decision is to delete your social media to force thinking for yourself to find your own path, commit to that and be excellent at that. However you choose to move forward, ensure it is what you want simply because you want it. It’s fine to mirror things you’ve seen or experiences you’ve shared – they could be answers to life’s questions; I’m only suggesting you do it because it makes you happy and offers you more of what you want out of life. This is transformative thought2. This is being a WayMaker. This is unlocking your true potential.

Forge Ahead

Along the way, look for healthy and authentic relationships to support your technical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Align yourself with people on similar journeys – share in each other’s lives, uplift and encourage each other, and challenge each other to break through perceived limitations. Hold each other accountable through a shared love of what you do, and genuine care for those on a similar path. Find a community that wants what you want – excellence, growth, talent, support, and ideas – and help develop it by offering vulnerability, sharing stories and experiences, and sharing passion about what you’re pursuing. You will create a positive feedback loop where the effort and dedication you put out is returned to you; we are capable of more in a combined effort than if we all tried on our own, and reciprocity is how relationships thrive2. Do life with them, not above them, or to impress them – keep that stuff for yourself; you’ll impress yourself by what you can accomplish surrounded by like-minded people, and you’ll never cease to impress yourself if you forgive the negotiations you settled on and determine your own path instead of what is dictated to you. Suddenly, you’ll find contentment. Then, you’ll find that being content opens the door to exponential growth opportunities because you’re no longer bound by false limitations, false imprisonment of your curiosity, or ambition.

Embrace Self-Discovery

Start the journey. Confront challenges. Become WayMakers. We want all of this for you and I’m here to help put it into words. Let’s start a conversation about a journey to self-discovery, growth, and development. Let’s embrace our desires together, confront challenges, and become WayMakers for ourselves. It’s going to be difficult, but think about it as working out – strength is gained when your muscles are tired, not when they’re fresh, so let’s use them! When you feel rested and fresh, you see your new performance heights, so taking a break is necessary, slowing down to reflect and assess; but the better you get at harder decisions (using those muscles), the easier life will become (seeing new performance heights)3. In the end, life is about the legacy you will leave. If you live intentionally, with relentless determination, what is the positive impact you’ll have on your family, community, and world? Let’s find out together.

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