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The Equilibrium of the Mind, Body, and Soul: My Path to Fulfillment by Harnessing the Present Moment

I would like to introduce myself to you. However, not just my name or profession. I want to reveal to you, who I am at the core. I feel as if I have gone through enough extraordinary hurdles in my life that they might be valuable to the world. I am embarking on this blog because I truly desire anyone who might be reading, to embark on their own journey to become their best possible selves. So… this is me.

The principles of Equilibrium guide how I approach life. Stoics call it Ataraxia. Buddhists call it Nirvana. Taoists call it Flow State. Etc. The idea of us (humans) living in accordance with the natural law, or as close as we can be. Which is another way of saying, we should live as closely to the way humans are designed to live. Which I realize is an unorthodox question to base your life upon, but I promise it makes sense. This philosophy emphasizes the importance of each fleeting present moment—not dwelling on the unchangeable past or unpredictable future. External factors outside of your control should not dictate your inner state of fulfillment. You truly only have power over one thing: your thoughts and perceptions in the here and now. That is really the only thing that matters when you analyze it enough. What do I mean by that and how do I claim power over that?

The point is to strive to maximize satisfaction and joy in each moment through developing your mind, body, and soul in harmony. To which I refer to this concept as EQUILIBRIUM. Equilibrium is the idea of pursuing something that puts your body in a State of Flow. Where time and space no longer exists, but just that present moment. There is no opportunity to exist anywhere else. You just… are. Then in another facet of life, find something that puts your mind in a Flow State. Then, naturally, find something that puts your soul in a State of Flow.

When you have all three of these in your daily life, you will have Equilibrium. Your entire life will be a Flow State. Therefore, how you feel in each moment will be eternal and cherished. Which will overflow to all aspects of your life. Fatherhood. Marriage. Leadership. Passion. Chores. Etc. 

This journey has led me to incredible personal growth, lifelong skills, and profound inner peace. I believe everyone should embark on 3 journeys. One in order to find the limits of their physical body. One in order to find the confines of their mind. One in order to find the depths of their soul. I’d like to share my experiences in the hope that they may resonate with and inspire you as well. Hopefully, my personal journey will help make sense of what I am trying to say. 

Jiu Jitsu for the Body

In order to progress my body physically, I have chosen to dive hard into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This sport provides a rigorous full-body workout requiring strength, flexibility, and stamina. It also teaches invaluable self-defense skills that give me confidence in handling physical confrontations.

More importantly, the intense grappling drills under pressure taught me how to remain calm in stressful situations. Getting tapped out over and over showed me that I can feel safe and in control even when things seem dire on the surface. I learned how little one truly needs in order to sustain life and safety.

This consistent physical challenge has sculpted a physique and abilities I take great pride in. I can tangibly see my body’s progress in technique, endurance, and effectiveness. My limbs are stronger, my core more resilient. I move with purpose and precision. After training, my body feels energized and capable rather than depleted.

The rewards of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the body are numerous and overlap into the mind and soul. But the most valuable aspect for me is having a quantifiable pathway of progression. I can clearly see my skills improving month by month. This keeps me motivated to show up even when I don’t feel like it. I derive excitement from getting incrementally better. Consistency compounds into excellence over years in ways that sporadic intensity never could. As a result of my consistency, I love my body and how it feels.

Learning Languages for the Mind

In order to consistently progress my mind, I have chosen to pursue the art of learning new languages and solving puzzles (even games such as chess). Learning new languages and regularly doing puzzle exercises provides intense intellectual stimulation. Puzzles especially satisfy my curiosity and love of problem solving.

The initial cognitive struggle is deeply rewarding, keeping my brain elastic and engaged. Also, because making mistakes is part of the learning process; I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously. Over time, the neural pathways strengthen.

Now I can converse comfortably in multiple languages, allowing me to meaningfully connect with people from diverse cultures worldwide. My quick thinking and improved information retention provide me with a distinct mental edge in work and life. I love how my mind adeptly handles complex challenges and learns new things quickly.

Language learning in particular teaches two invaluable skills. First, it forces me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I have to embrace imperfection and be willing to make a fool of myself. This breeds adaptability. Second, it shows the power of small, consistent efforts over long periods. The difference between multilingual people and monolinguals is simply persistence. As a result of my consistency, I love my mind and how it operates.

Practicing Stoicism for the Soul

In addition to strengthening my body and mind, I nurture my soul through studying and practicing Stoic philosophy. This school of thought has provided a moral compass to live virtuously.

Some of its principles may seem counterintuitive at first. For example, the Stoics encourage voluntarily enduring hardship and discomfort to strengthen your character. Though my natural tendency is to avoid pain, I’ve learned that this softens you for life’s inevitable blows. Exposing myself to manageable doses of difficulty has bred resilience when faced with true adversity.

After implementing these principles, I now have an unshakeable core of inner conviction and self-confidence. I do not get derailed by external opinions. I stand firmly for my values while shedding meaningless trivialities. My moments feel profoundly meaningful, even amidst challenges.

Specifically, activities like submerging myself in ice water, intense fasting periods, and exposing myself to social discomfort have taught me that my mind always gives up before my body does. Pushing past that mental resistance builds grit. This enables me to smile in the face of stressful situations that once felt crushing. As a result of my consistency, I love my soul and how it simply exists.

Consistency and Self-Investment Are Key

I am not saying you HAVE TO do these exact things, though I believe these are excellent journeys. However, I AM SAYING you should definitely find something that satisfies your mind, something that satisfies your soul, and something that satisfies your body each and everyday. Make sure they put you into a Flow State. The truth is, the older we get the more we lose any sense of balance or equilibrium as we get overcome with work or tasks that take away from our natural state of being. To which I am saying, TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Some of you have control of one of these, or maybe even two of these facets in your life, but unless you have all three you will still be unbalanced (or so I strongly believe). You might be obsessed with working out, but your soul might be empty. You may absolutely love your job and the challenge your mind receives every day, but your body is unhealthy. Any offset of balance within your Equilibrium that makes up your mind, body, and soul will derail your control over how you feel in this moment. However, finding Flow in each of these avenues in life WILL restore balance.

Adopting these new physical, intellectual, and spiritual practices felt uncomfortable and daunting at first. But small, regular efforts compound exponentially over years into mastery. I am no natural athlete or genius; it’s about respecting yourself enough to persist through resistance. Now I am a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu with my own Academy, I speak multiple languages, and I have a resilient soul. 

If you decide to follow my blog, I will share exactly how I structured my path to fulfillment while juggling work, family, and other obligations. My lifestyle is accessible to anyone willing to devote consistent energy towards self-betterment.

I still have bad days, negative thoughts, stress, and challenges just like anyone. But by caring for body, mind and soul, I have crafted an uplifting inner world and outlook. My moments are overwhelmingly positive and meaningful.

You deserve to feel fully alive in each moment. With a growth mindset and commitment to daily practice, you can elevate your existence dramatically. The effort brings exponential rewards. Let’s embark on the journey together!

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