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TGT: Don’t Nibble _ Special Episode

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TGT: Don't Nibble _ Special Episode Be Relentless

Special Episode from The Grit Theory. Jon and Aaron demonstrate how to eat a Caca sandwich. A humbling confessional message to our listeners.Did you value today's conversation? If Yes, please SHARE IT, do not wait, take Decisive Action Now! Ready to dive deeper? Click HERE.We are grateful you joined us! Don't Forget! Use code 'BERELENTLESS' over at the ULA Universe to enjoy a 10% discount site wide!

Special Episode from The Grit Theory. 

Jon and Aaron demonstrate how to eat a Caca sandwich. 

A humbling confessional message to our listeners.

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Episode Transcript

00;00;01;09 – 00;00;07;15


Well, today we have a bit of a special topic conversation kind of around.

00;00;07;15 – 00;00;09;27


I don’t want to do this. John does know.

00;00;09;27 – 00;00;16;12


I think it’s good to own it. Uh, let’s let’s talk about not nibbling on things.

00;00;16;13 – 00;00;17;12


All right? Yeah.

00;00;17;18 – 00;00;31;04


All right. So there’s this great book called Radical Candor, and one of the piece of advice that really stands out to me is if you have to eat a carcass sandwich, a poopy sandwich, the best thing you can do is don’t nibble. Just get it over with.

00;00;31;04 – 00;00;40;12


Yes. Agreed. I would want this behind us as fast as possible because we made a gigantic mistake and we feel slightly humiliated, very humiliated, even.

00;00;40;24 – 00;00;52;19


I think that’s fair. I mean, it’s. It’s a compounding mistake. Over five months in 19 episodes, we have been using the onboard computer Mike in our recordings. Yeah.

00;00;52;26 – 00;00;58;26


Which is probably equivalent to the skill level of a ten year old recording something precisely.

00;00;58;26 – 00;01;16;12


And that is the problem. So the good news is, as you can tell, listening right now, we have fixed that. So with with episode 20 and onward, everyone can look forward to having a lot better sound quality. On the grit theory, I.

00;01;16;12 – 00;01;41;24


Have heard from numerous people and this is just like we’ve tried so many different like fixes. People go and it sounds roomy or echoey, that kind of thing. Like, we love your content, it’s really good, but man, it’s really hard to listen to. I’ve complained, you’ve completely broken, but we don’t know what to do or putting stuff on the walls or trying to hang blankets or we invited an expert in like we’re trying to tweak every equalizer and just why?

00;01;41;24 – 00;01;52;01


Why won’t this work? And we didn’t want to stop recording like it’s I guess it’s fair enough. But we just decided. We just realized what we’ve been doing wrong this entire time.

00;01;52;06 – 00;02;13;14


Well, it’s it’s really interesting because we decided, hey, we’re going to build the plane while it flies because we don’t want to get stuck in the over planning under execution. So that’s what we’ve been doing and we’ve been giving it our best try. The best just has not been good enough and been missing the mark. But thank you to those who continued to give us honest, candid feedback episode after episode.

00;02;13;26 – 00;02;28;08


I promise you, in the dark of the early morning, Aaron and I punished ourselves and each other in our frustration of trying to get the audio quality, the accessibility of this show to be a higher level for everyone listening.

00;02;28;08 – 00;02;38;01


And this is something that is going to be ongoing is as are just trying to get better and better. So thank you for your patience and sticking with our show and looking forward to having much higher quality in the future.

00;02;38;03 – 00;02;50;01


And to that note, I’d ask, please keep sharing your feedback. Please keep the constructive criticism coming in. We want this to be the best possible version that it can be so that we can just have better conversation.

00;02;50;01 – 00;02;58;14


I think that’s the only reason why we’re even in this place. You know, when people are being honest about having broccoli in their teeth, you know, like, all right, okay, well, I’ll fix it. Thank you.

00;02;58;28 – 00;03;04;02


Absolutely. So, yeah, that was the point for this conversation. Just to hey, we’re losers.

00;03;04;02 – 00;03;04;10



00;03;04;19 – 00;03;12;29


All day and we’re not going to give up, so we’re just going to keep on truckin on. But at least we fixed it. So until next time, Great nation.

00;03;12;29 – 00;03;15;04


We love you.

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