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050. TGT: The End So Far _ Tayler “The Griz” Clifton

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for The End So Far with Tayler "The Griz" Clifton.

Episode 50 from The Grit Theory, and The Grit Theory’s final episode! Stay tuned for details on the shows rebranding which is currently in the works. Today we sit down with Tayler “The Griz” Clifton and enjoy a fun explorative conversation on life, the  Multi-Verse, Flowstate Jiu Jitsu, the future of The Grit Theory and […]

048. TGT: Guided by Roadblocks _ Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Bosco

Be Relentless podcast episode release badge for Guided by Roadblocks Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Bosco

Episode 48 from The Grit Theory.  Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Boscoby and I spend time examining how the Grit Theory is changing which transitions neatly into Nicci’s belief that “you have to believe in a finish line that you cannot see”. From there Nicci shares part of her story and we get to play with several […]

033. TGT: Perfect Execution _ Marcus Watts

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Perfect Execution with Marcus Watts.

Episode 33 from The Grit Theory.  Today Lindsey and I sit down with Marcus Watts and discuss how grit, personal ownership, and intentionality are critical to perfect execution. We also discuss the necessity to seek to gain understanding, before seeking to be understood and the power that comes from being a problem solver instead of […]

018. TGT: Brick by Brick _ Jeff Evans

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Brick by Brick with Jeff Evans.

Episode 18 from The Grit Theory. Today we sit down with “The Indomitable Jeff Evans”, owner of Cerus Performance, CrossFit athlete, and family man. Additionally we are joined by past guest “The Indomitable Kenya Clark”. Highlights include:– Lead with your story.– Brick by Brick.– Kill Your Ego.– Don’t mistake your experiences with your identity.– Rock […]


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