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Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Overcome Hurdles and Pursue Greatness with “Be Relentless”

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Are you ready to embark on an epic quest to conquer your fears, overcome adversity, and reach your true potential?  Jonathan Mayo’s inspiring book, “Be Relentless,” is a thrilling journey through the power of intentionality, radical responsibility, and the Finnish concept of sisu. With a unique blend of personal anecdotes, thought-provoking insights, and actionable advice, […]

Conquer the Battlefield: How Sisu Stamina Enhances Endurance, Strength, and Mental Focus for the Warfighter and Special Forces Operators

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Military personnel and Special Forces Operators represent some of the world’s most formidable individuals. Trained to operate at unrivaled levels, these elite professionals must maintain peak physical and mental conditioning to ensure mission success and defend our freedom. Their extraordinary endeavors demand exceptional endurance, strength, and focus, whether on the front lines or executing covert […]


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