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038. TGT: Savage Gentlemen

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Savage Gentlemen.

Episode 38 from The Grit Theory. Today we discuss the difference between being “like minded” and “group think”. We also discuss the type of men we are working to raise our sons to become.  Highlights include: -Like Minded: Diverse opinions and shared ideals. -Warning: Experience does not guarantee expertise. -Common denominators. -Exercise sovereignty over your […]

037. TGT: Pursuing True North _ Kyle Lawson

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Pursuing True North with Kyle Lawson.

Episode 37 from The Grit Theory. Today I sit down with Kyle Lawson, an Army veteran, businessman, and old friend.  As we push in, we find our “common ground” which is the desire to “shift culture to focus on how to solve problems and create positive change”. We also defined the following 5 actions that […]

030. TGT: Resilient Hope _ The Heinigers

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Resilient hope with the Heinigers.

Episode 30 from The Grit Theory. Today we sat down with the indomitable Pete and Shara Heiniger who founded the non profit called Stages. In addition to the nonprofit, they also started a podcast by the same name with the goal to change the stigma and story of the cancer journey. They work to accomplish […]

007. TGT: Don’t Sit Out _ Lindsey Mayo

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Don't Sit Out with Lindsey Mayo.

Episode 7 of The Grit Theory. Today we get to sit down with Lindsey Mayo and discuss the greater effects of these challenges on the Mayo home. Why she decided to pick up the challenge when Jon failed, and how she engages with the unending trials and difficulties that life presents all while raising 4 wild boys […]

006. TGT: Push Into The Storm _ Chet Bailey

Be Relentless podcast episode release badge for Push into the Storm with Chet Bailey

Episode 6 of The Grit Theory.  What do you do when your dying wife tells you to leave her to go and live your life? Today we had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Chet Bailey to discuss his 25 year journey with his late wife Debi. Only 1 year into marriage Debi was […]


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