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037. TGT: Pursuing True North _ Kyle Lawson

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Pursuing True North with Kyle Lawson.

Episode 37 from The Grit Theory. Today I sit down with Kyle Lawson, an Army veteran, businessman, and old friend.  As we push in, we find our “common ground” which is the desire to “shift culture to focus on how to solve problems and create positive change”. We also defined the following 5 actions that […]

031: Change Is In The Air

Be Relentless episode badge for Chang is in the Air.

Episode 31 from The Grit Theory. Today we have a heart-to-heart discussion that will affect how the Grit Theory continues its journey. Highlights include: -Conviction Over Comfort. -Pursuing your ideal. -Becoming better men. -Change happens, how do you adapt? -A new future. -The journey continues. Like today’s conversation? SHARE IT! Did you find value in […]


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