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049. TGT: Adversity is Just a Test _ Darren Terry

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Adversity is Just a Test with Darren Terry

Episode 49 from The Grit Theory.  If you want to obtain the gold that is in this conversation, there is only one way. Jump in and hold on.  Darren’s self-proclamation preparing for the Black Toe Run:  “Your best efforts don’t warrant recognition. Your entitled mind will result in a broken mind. You must transcend your already […]

016. TGT: Question Comfort _ Redefine Your Limitations

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Question Comfort, Redefine Your Limitations.

Episode 16 from The Grit Theory. Today we discuss the danger of overvaluing the trappings of comfort and we juxtapose comfort versus three areas of life worth challenging and questioning. Those areas of focus are: 1. Comfort versus Reward2. Comfort versus self Identity3. Comfort versus Relationships Highlights from the conversation include: – The silver spoon […]


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