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048. TGT: Guided by Roadblocks _ Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Bosco

Be Relentless podcast episode release badge for Guided by Roadblocks Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Bosco

Episode 48 from The Grit Theory.  Nicole “Nicci” Salvatrice Boscoby and I spend time examining how the Grit Theory is changing which transitions neatly into Nicci’s belief that “you have to believe in a finish line that you cannot see”. From there Nicci shares part of her story and we get to play with several […]

044. TGT: Hurt vs Injury _ Chad O’Donnell

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Hurt vs Injury with Chad O'Donnell.

Episode 44 from The Grit Theory.  Today I sit down with my good buddy Chad O’Donnell who is an Army Veteran, Salesman, Father, and all-around stud. We spend time catching up, laughing about the humbling and humiliating stories that occur when severely injured, and explore the complexities of fatherhood and faith.  Highlights include:  – Fatherhood […]

042. TGT: The Systematic Year

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for The Systematic Year.

Episode 42 from The Grit Theory.  Today Lindsey and I sit down to discuss the “Systematic Year” concept and some exciting changes that are in the works.  Highlights include: -If not now, then when. -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. -A new journey and adventure. A Systematic Year Overview: -Q1: Observation & Familiarization-Q2: Shifting Norms “Overton Window” -Q3: Refine & Continuous Improvement-Q4: Replace […]

041. TGT: Seek Curiosity _ Nicholas Cutsforth

Be Relentless Podcast episode badge for Seek Curiosity with Nicholas Cutsforth.

Episode 41 from The Grit Theory.  Today we sit down with Nick “Cuts” Cutsforth and have a good old fashioned genuine, intentional conversation.  Highlights include: -Explore how the family unit benefits society first, not society the family. -Have a plan & know the desired end game. -Be adaptable. -Developing Deep Relationships-Don’t forget your history. -Ownership of life choices. -Stick to your […]

028. TGT: Heart of an Olympian _ Ruben Gonzalez

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Heart of an Olympian with Ruben Gonzalez.

Episode 28 from The Grit Theory. Today we sit down with the indomitable Ruben Gonzalez who is a 4 time Olympian, a professional speaker, and best selling author of 5 books. Ruben is an unstoppable GRIT TRAIN and todays conversations is both humorous and informative. Highlights include:– Broken bones– Crash your way to the top.– […]

019. TGT: Making Hard Things Easier

Be Relentless podcast episode badge for Making Hard Things Easier.

Episode 19 from The Grit Theory. Today we discuss how to make hard things easier to accomplish through small consistent  powerful life changing decisions. Highlights from the conversation include: – Choosing how and when to create goals.– Progressive overload of the mind.– Increasing the cost to failure.– We are the some of our actions.– Make […]


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