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070. Drexwell Seymour: Abolishing Fear & Overcoming Inferiority Complexes

Today was a Be Relentless first as I sat down with Drexwell Seymour, a CPA entrepreneur, author, and business leader from Turks and Caicos Islands making him the first International guest on the show! Together, we explore his unique perspective, inviting us all to redefine our idea of success. His mission – to empower individuals […]

068. Nick Hurff: Adventure Racing, Fatherhood, and Overcoming Loss

068. Nick Hurff: Adventure Racing, Fatherhood, and Overcoming Loss

Today I had the pleasure to sit down once again with Nick Hurff who since our last conversation way back in episode 39 has accomplished his goal of reaching the #1 adventure racing ranking in the country, welcomed a new baby girl named Juniper into the world and is coaching various college teams in his […]

067. T.E. : Faith, Freedom, and the Power of Serving a Greater Purpose

“There is no separation between work and life. It’s just you, it’s just life.”  Today, we dive deep into the transformative power of perspective, examining how events only gain meaning when we contextualize them and assign value. We’ll also explore the crucial role that faith plays in human experience—covering the spectrum from atheism to Christianity. […]

066. T.E. : Tackling Imposter Syndrome & Becoming a Monster w/ Jon & Brandon

Today, we tackle the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome, sharing practical strategies to combat this self-doubt by asking the right questions, acknowledging our worth, and taking radical responsibility for our actions. We also delve into the importance of acknowledging both our successes and failures, understanding they contribute to our growth and development. Next, we shift […]

Business Startup Challenge: Launching ULA: Balancing Business, Personal Growth, & Family Priorities w/ Jason Todd, Jon & Kirk _ Special Episode

This special episode was recorded on the “Business Startup Challenge” and hosted by Jason Todd.  Check out the Thinker Growth Community to gain tools, insights, and community to help you start (or improve) your entrepreneurial dream today! “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”-Unknown *** Preview from […]

065. T.E. : Responding to Crisis & Unraveling Naive Stoicism w/ Jon & Brandon

What if you could reclaim the time spent on mundane tasks and redirect it towards meaningful pursuits? Today, we delve into the concept of overcoming adversities and explore the power of emotions, pinpointing the optimal moments to process them. We’ll also unpack the idea of “naive stoicism”, shed light on its dangers, and discuss how […]

063. T.E. : Overcoming Trauma and Embracing Transformation w/ Jon & Brandon

How do you focus on building the new when you are consistently overwhelmed by your past?  On this episode of Thought Expedition, we have an honest discussion about trauma, abuse and mental health. We explore how early life experiences shape who we are, and how we can heal from past hurts by better understanding our […]


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