Live Intentionally, pursue the extraordinary,

Be Relentless.

Be relentless

Live Intentionally. Be Relentless. Pursue the Extraordinary.

Previously known as The Grit Theory, "Be Relentless" explores how practicing the discipline of intentionality, taking radical responsibility, and cultivating sisu empowers us to lead maximized lives.

It is time to embrace your future

Within each and every one of us lies the greatest force of nature yet known to our species, the Indomitable Human Will. Yet so many of us spend the overwhelming majority of our lives numb, dissatisfied, and dying all while drawing breath.
We all desire to be understood, to be acknowledged, and loved. We want to be respected, yet what are we doing to earn these things?

The time is upon us to strive forward, taking relentless action towards the highest version of ourselves, and stripping away everything that dares to hold us back.

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