ULA Allies & Affiliates Terms & Conditions Policy

Last updated: 8/22/2023


This policy outlines the terms and conditions governing participation in the ULA Allies & Affiliates Programs by Universal Learning Approach LLC. By participating in the program, you agree to adhere to and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Application and Acceptance

Acceptance into the ULA Allies or Affiliates Programs is solely at the discretion of the ULA Team. Acceptance is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to approve or deny any applications and are under no obligation to communicate the reasons for our decisions regarding approval or denial.

Responsibilities & Conduct

ULA Allies and Affiliates must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the core values and image of Universal Learning Approach LLC. Actions deemed damaging or inconsistent with the company’s vision may result in immediate termination of the affiliate or ally relationship.

Conflicts of Interest

Participants must always act in the best interests of Universal Learning Approach LLC and avoid situations where their personal interests might conflict with their obligations to the company. Any potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed to ULA’s management team immediately. Failure to disclose conflicts or to act in the best interests of ULA can result in termination of the affiliate or ally relationship.

Use of Marketing Materials

All marketing materials provided by Universal Learning Approach LLC to its Allies and Affiliates should be used in a manner consistent with the brand’s values and objectives. Allies and Affiliates must ensure their use of these materials upholds the reputation of the organization, its brand, and its members. Misuse of the materials, especially in ways that disparage or harm the organization or its stakeholders, will necessitate immediate corrective action. Such misuse may also lead to termination of the affiliate or ally relationship and, where appropriate, compensation for any damages suffered by ULA.

Display Requirements for ULA Allies

All ULA Allies are required to prominently display the “Proud ULA Ally” icon and provide a direct link (whether affiliate or base link) to our home, promotional, or product webpages. The “Proud ULA Ally” icon and associated link should ideally be placed in the footer of the Ally’s website. If this placement isn’t feasible, they must be presented clearly and easily located on the website. Acceptable alternative locations include the about page, sponsorship page, community page, or other prominent sections.

Commission Structure

At Universal Learning Approach LLC, we recognize and value the efforts of our ULA Allies and Affiliates in promoting our services and products. Allies and Affiliates have the potential to earn commissions from sales attributed to their promotional activities. To ensure transparency and accuracy, we partner with a third-party system to monitor and track sales. It is essential for Allies and Affiliates to use either their unique custom link or special coupon code, ensuring sales are correctly attributed to their account.

Our primary objective is not just sales; it’s about building a genuine wealth-generation opportunity for our entire community. In line with this philosophy, our commission structure is as follows:

For product sales:

  1. 1-100 sales earn an 8% commission, after tax, shipping, and discounts have been applied.
  2. 101-500 sales earn a 10% commission.
  3. 501+ sales earn a 12% commission.

For subscription sales:

  1. Initial sales are subject to the commission percentages outlined for product sales.
  1. For recurring sales from subscriptions:
  2. 1-100 recurring sales earn a 4% commission.
  3. 101-500 recurring sales earn a 5% commission.
  4. 501+ recurring sales earn a 6% commission.

It’s important to note that commissions derived from subscription sales will continue for the duration that the customer maintains their subscription and/or for the entire duration of our partnership with our ULA Allies & Affiliates. Nevertheless, following the end of a partnership and/or the termination of a subscription, recurring commission payments will terminate as of the end of the last previously paid month.

Multi-Level Affiliation Program

At Universal Learning Approach LLC, we believe in creating lasting value, fortifying tight-knit communities, and crafting a brighter tomorrow. The WayMaker Movement is a testament to this commitment. As a ULA Ally or Affiliate, you become an integral part of this vision. To deepen our partnership and recognize your efforts, we have designed the Multi-Level Affiliation Program.

Primary Attribution Method

It’s essential to note that the primary mechanism for attributing new recruits to an existing ULA Ally or Affiliate is through the custom networking link. This link can be found in the ULA Ally & Affiliate Account Dashboard, accessible after account approval and subsequent login. Ensure that new candidates apply using your specific networking link to be correctly attributed to you.

The tiered structure of this program is as follows:

  1. Level 1 (Direct Recruitment): When you introduce new participants to the WayMaker Movement via your networking link, you will earn 20% of the commission value generated by these direct recruits for the duration of our partnership.
  2. Level 2: For individuals recruited by your Level 1 affiliates, you’ll be entitled to 10% of the commission value generated by these second-level participants.
  3. Level 3: For those brought onboard by Level 2 affiliates, you’ll earn 5% of the commission value from these third-level members.

This approach not only promotes broader networking but also fosters the exponential growth of the ULA Allies & Affiliates Program. The percentages mentioned pertain to the commission value, not the gross sales. Every effort you put into growing our community has a direct impact on the rewards you earn, resonating with our collective vision for a brighter, community-driven future.

Data Protection in Accordance with Our Privacy Policy:

Allies and Affiliates must adhere to the data protection practices outlined in ULA’s Privacy Policy, especially when handling the personal data of customers, clients, or other parties. The following general guidelines ensure compliance with both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA):

  1. Awareness: Always stay informed about the latest data protection requirements and ensure that decision-makers and key personnel are aware of their responsibilities.
  2. Access Rights: Individuals have the right to access their personal data. Ensure systems are in place to accommodate such requests.
  3. Consent: Obtain explicit and informed consent from individuals before collecting or processing their personal data.
  4. Breach Notification: In the event of a data breach, report it immediately to ULA’s management and follow required procedures to notify affected parties, as outlined by GDPR and CCPA.
  5. Data Minimization: Collect only the data necessary for your affiliate activities and avoid storing excessive information.
  6. Data Retention: Do not store personal data for longer than necessary. Regularly review stored data and delete any data that is no longer required.
  7. Secure Processing: Ensure that personal data is processed securely using appropriate technical and organizational measures.
  8. Transparency: Be transparent with individuals about how their data will be used. This includes providing clear privacy notices when collecting personal data.

Payment Eligibility

  1. Grace Period: There is a 21-day grace period following the delivery of a product to customers, during which the customer may choose to return the product.
  2. Payment Approval: Payments will only be considered eligible for processing to ULA Allies and Affiliates after the conclusion of this 21-day grace period, ensuring no returns are made within this timeframe.

Relationship Termination

  1. By Universal Learning Approach LLC: Universal Learning Approach LLC reserves the right to terminate its relationship, either partially or fully, with any ULA Ally or Affiliate without notice, and this termination will be effective immediately. Upon such termination, the ULA Ally or Affiliate must remove all ULA marketing materials from display within 3 business days unless otherwise agreed upon. All marketing materials, assets, and any other ULA-related items, as appropriate, are to be returned to Universal Learning Approach LLC promptly.
  2. By the ULA Ally or Affiliate: A ULA Ally or Affiliate may choose to terminate their relationship with Universal Learning Approach LLC. The termination will be effective on the date specified and requested by the ULA Ally or Affiliate. Following this termination, the ULA Ally or Affiliate is obliged to remove all ULA marketing materials from display within 3 business days, unless a different agreement is in place. They must also return all marketing materials, assets, and any other ULA-related items, as appropriate, to Universal Learning Approach LLC in a timely manner.


Persistent Rights to Co-Branded Content and Intellectual Property

In recognition of valuable considerations and collaborations between parties, all ULA Allies & Affiliates grant Universal Learning Approach LLC (ULA) perpetual, unrestricted rights and permissions concerning any photographs, videos, writings, or other forms of media, co-branded content, or intellectual property created, captured, or developed during the course of their association with ULA.

This grant of rights extends to any content in which the Ally or Affiliate may appear either individually or alongside others, and allows ULA to use, reuse, publish, republish, adapt, modify, or integrate said content in whole or in part across any and all media platforms, present or future. This includes, but is not limited to, illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, and trade purposes. ULA retains these rights regardless of any alterations or modifications made to the content, without any additional approval or compensation.

Furthermore, Allies and Affiliates irrevocably waive any and all claims and demands, present or future, that may arise out of or are in any way connected with the use of the aforementioned content, including any claims for libel, defamation, or any violation of rights of publicity or privacy.

This provision ensures continuity and the enduring right for ULA to utilize any co-branded content or intellectual property even beyond the termination of the relationship with the respective ULA Ally or Affiliate. It is applicable and binding not only to the Allies and Affiliates but also extends to their heirs, legal representatives, assignees, and any third-party collaborators. All parties acknowledge that they are legally competent to grant these rights and that they fully understand and consent to the implications of this clause.


Allies and Affiliates are entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard any proprietary, business, or customer information they might encounter during their association with Universal Learning Approach LLC. Any unauthorized disclosure, distribution, or misuse of such information will not only lead to the immediate termination of their ally or affiliate status but also gives Universal Learning Approach LLC the prerogative to seek compensation for any actual or anticipated damages stemming from such breaches.

Disputes & Governing Law

Any disputes arising out of or related to the ULA Allies & Affiliates Program will be governed by the laws of the United States and specifically the state of Colorado.

Electronic Acknowledgment and Signature

By checking the box or selecting the option to agree to these Terms & Conditions, the ULA Ally or Affiliate expressly acknowledges that such action constitutes a legal signature and demonstrates their full acceptance and agreement to be bound by these Terms & Conditions in their entirety.

Changes to the Terms

Universal Learning Approach LLC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Continuous participation in the ULA Allies & Affiliates Program signifies acceptance of any modified terms. Participants are responsible for staying informed by referencing this policy for updates.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the ULA Allies & Affiliates Terms & Conditions Policy, please reach out:

Website: ulauniverse.com/contact

Email: contactus@ulauniverse.com

Phone: 719-695-0786

Mail: 7661 McLaughlin Road, #1007, Falcon, CO, 80831


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