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081. What is the WayMaker Community?

081. What is the WayMaker Community? Be Relentless

In today's episode of Be Relentless, I dive into the structure of the WayMaker Community, explaining the intricacies and transformative impact of its membership tiers for those navigating the path of personal growth, value creation, and community engagement within the WayMaker Community.Note: The WayMaker Chronicles are now available in the Open Source Community for Free!Join the WayMaker Community Now! We Explore:The Tiers: Understanding the levels within the WayMaker Community, from the Open Source to the WayMaker membership.The Community: Examining the interplay between individual efforts and collective growth across different tiers.A Path to Uncommon Success: Exploring how the WayMaker tiers encourage members to live intentionally, pursue significance, and take relentless action.Did you value today's conversation? If Yes, please SHARE IT, do not wait, take Decisive Action Now! Ready to dive deeper? Click HERE.We are grateful you joined us! Don't Forget! Use code 'BERELENTLESS' over at the ULA Universe to enjoy a 10% discount site wide!

In today’s episode of Be Relentless, I dive into the Waymaker Community, dissecting the intricacies and transformative impact of its tiered structure for those navigating the paths of personal growth and community engagement within the Waymaker tiers.

Join the WayMaker Community Now!

We Explore:

  • The Tiers: Understanding the levels within the WayMaker Community, from the Open Source to the WayMaker membership.
  • The Community: Examining the interplay between individual efforts and collective growth across different tiers.
  • A Path to Uncommon Success: Exploring how the WayMaker tiers encourage members to live intentionally, pursue significance, and take relentless action.

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Episode Transcript Click Here

Jon Mayo: 0:00
The Forge cohorts, as we’ve talked about a lot, are small groups of five to nine like-minded individuals that are working to unfuck themselves and then become uncommon amongst the uncommon right, create value, be part of the solution, live intentionally, pursue significance, take relentless action right. And they do that through daily efforts, together and alone, and it’s meant to go through life with you right. It’s not a short season, it’s a lifestyle that you get to join in that, hey everyone, welcome back to Be Relentless. Today is a special, very short episode that breaks down the levels of involvement that you can look forward to in the waymaker community. So if you’ve not joined, why haven’t you? Let’s get to work and forge forward together, all right. So we’re here for another conversation on Be Relentless and this is another Thought Expedition style, but today we’re going to continue to explore the waymaker community in a little bit greater depth and lay out a little bit of understanding on the different tiers of involvement that it has.

Brandon Seifert: 1:18
Well, let’s just jump right in. So I initially wanted to start from the open source. Work our way up. What is your vision for? What is the each tier supposed to be? What do you want it to eventually have, involvement wise from our community, or just general thoughts on where you want it to be?

Jon Mayo: 1:38
Absolutely so. A couple of things. First of all, as an individual, my goal is to unleash human potential. That’s what I’m working to do Right as an entity, being the waymaker movement and community, that specific element which manifests in the digital community right now hosted in Discord right, which anyone can join. There’s four tiers, so there’s the open source tier, then there’s an iron membership, a steel membership and a waymaker membership, and the open source, which you just asked about, is where everything that is needed to go and start your own forge cohort or learn a lot more about the waymaker mentality and what it is that we are after can be discovered completely for free. One of the things I’m also going to do is make it so that the book be relentless. I don’t think I can make the digital version free, but I know I can drop the digital version down to about 99 cents, so I’m going to make that adjustment as well. And the reason for this is because, in pursuit of unleashing that potential, in pursuit of creating value, in pursuit of helping people and working to help us unfuck ourselves for lack of a better term, and to get straight to the point, I want to lower the barrett entry. So those who may be constrained financially. They don’t need to be. They can put in the work and gain the resources through the open source community. And then there’s only one opportunity to talk within that tier, and that’s within the open forum, and that is primarily for questions that the frequently asked questions doesn’t answer or for recommendations based on outside views. Right, so as we grow and get more in there, that will become more and more specific so that it can meet that intent, and that is what the open source community is for. Additionally, it allows for people to be involved, learn more, but they may want to do so more so from the shadows, and that’s the other purpose of the open source. They can keep, keep aware, keep involved, but have a very limited amount of touch, right, okay.

Brandon Seifert: 3:54
So you hit that one pretty good. Let’s just keep climbing up next year.

Jon Mayo: 4:00
So the iron and steel, we can kind of hit these both at the same time. But when you go into the iron you unlock a few additional benefits. For one, there’s the iron members community. There’s the iron members forum. There’s a lot more opportunity for conversation, engagement. The idea there is it’s community right, you want to help support what we’re doing. It’s a very low barrier to entry $6.97 a month. You’re hoping to support what we’re doing. You’re gaining access to a 10% discount at the ULA universe, which is allied with the Waymaker movement right In another hub for what we’re after. And additionally you get those conversations and the Waymaker Chronicles, which is a weekly, highly concise, high value set of prompts and thoughts that you can work with and reflect on throughout the week. And that’s what the iron membership offers. It also allows for a lot more conversation space than the open source community does.

Brandon Seifert: 5:00
Okay, and so I’m assuming this is like an email that would be sent out that you just kind of mentioned where nope.

Jon Mayo: 5:09
No, so it is still hosted within the same server. So once you upgrade to iron membership, then you’re going to gain access to a channel that’s called the Waymaker Chronicles and that is where that will be released on a weekly basis. So it helps us to stay involved there as well as continue to have opportunities for getting to know one another, and there’s goals to provide more and more value over time to each tier from open source up. But some of it’s just going to take time right, because this is a minimally viable product to get us to the point where we can serve our community and build from a living entity instead of an idea. So we’re moving fast and inviting people to join us in the social experiment and help us make it successful by bringing their skills, expertise, things like that, and something that’s really important to understand, and one of the premises with the open source and then, as you climb, is, there’s this attempt at a decentralized opportunity to be invested in community right, the idea is how do we make it such that we can pull on all the brilliance and skill sets and capacity of a very large community and catalyze that by providing resources to the best of our ability through a centralized hub but make it so that that community is not reliant on the centralized hub, and that’s a lot of what’s driving this as well, and that’s what you start to see. One, with all the free resources that have been painstakingly built in open source, and then two, as you begin to climb up and work more closely with us through the membership tiers, that we get to do that on a greater level.

Brandon Seifert: 6:52
Perfect. I believe we got a little bit more climbing to do right.

Jon Mayo: 6:57
Yep. So the steel membership is one step more and really the big benefit here is you get steel membership discounts, which is an extra 5%, so it goes from 10% to 15% off at the Yulei Universe. So that’s CCU stamina, that’s the hard copy of the book for signed authors’ copies and other solutions that we build over time. But the exciting thing once you hit the steel membership phase is you gain access to Sophia AI, which is the first viable version of Sophia in the community channels and forums there to interact with and everything else. And what’s cool with Sophia is she’s part of the Waymaker AI project that I’ve been working on for about the last year and a half and she’s specifically designed to act in many ways as the ethos and spirit of what a waymaker is and as a daemon of old right that spirit that helped guide you to fulfill your destiny, but in that group collaborative environment. And that’s what she’s designed to do and she’ll continue to get better with that significantly over time. And then actually some very exciting things are unfolding as we speak that make it so that her capabilities will increase significantly as we continue to advance in the coming months, so that that’s the big perk from going from iron members to steel members and then that brings us to the Waymaker member. Yeah, so with the Waymaker membership, the big. So now you have access to Sophia AI. You already have the best discounts that you can get. You have the Waymaker Chronicles and you’re part of these great communities. Right, and you do move up. When you leave the iron, you go to steel, now you’re part of the steel community, and when you leave steel to Waymaker, same thing. But the really cool thing with the Waymaker community is that you also get to join a forge cohort. The forge cohorts, as we’ve talked about a lot, are small groups of five to nine by commanded individuals that are working to unfuck themselves and then become uncommon amongst the uncommon. Right, create value, be part of the solution, live intentionally, pursue significance, take relentless action right, and they do that through daily efforts, together and alone. And it’s meant to go through life with you, right, it’s not a short season, it’s a lifestyle that you get to join in. That, in a little bit of a structural caveat, is because we’re working to be as intentional as possible with who’s going into each forge as they get lit up and once they reach capacity, and who’s facilitating them. What happens when you subscribe to become a Waymaker member is you get upgraded to that tier everything we’ve already talked about and then you also get added to a forge holding area and in that for forge holding area excuse me there’s going to be weekly updates, opportunities for questions on what the status is of the next forge being stood up. Where we’re at with capacity. We’ll be working with individuals there to help identify what appears to be the best forge that’s being developed for them to join and we’re also going to work to cultivate who the facilitators for those forges will be from that holding area. And once we have five individuals in a facilitator, that allows for that forge to be lit and then we can add people up to the maximum number of nine from there and then that process can continue and you know in the meantime you get to help contribute to what that process looks like. You get updated and you get your spot reserved for the best optimal fit and that’s what comes with the Waymaker memberships.

Brandon Seifert: 10:35
Perfect, and so I think the the two coolest things about that is one being part of your own forge. That’s always exciting because it’s just it’s a fun community and I realize I’m sounding like I’m trying to pitch it and I’m not, but it’s fun because you also get to see at each other grow and you also have to have and get your own specific input, which I feel like a lot of people, including myself, have not been able to actually do to to this level of intentionality. So, like the group encourages you to become your own self leader, I guess is just kind of what I’m trying to say. So that’s super exciting, super excited about Sophia. Is there anything else that is needed and still explained or potentially gone through a little bit more in this?

Jon Mayo: 11:33
Yeah, I think the other thing just to continue to point out right is this is a really cool social experiment and we’re consistently seeking and improving based upon new ideas, community feedback, things like that. One example of that right, a little peek behind the hood or peek behind the curtain under the hood is I was speaking with a member from forge two earlier today and we were talking about how can you catalyze relationship building more swiftly. Right, because when these groups get stood up, it’s rare that people know each other, and from that conversation, essentially what was created was the idea of like, what if we did one on one calls? I was like, oh, that’d be great, we could, and then you know back and forth. So now we’re going to be implementing, when a forge gets stood up, kind of an assignment where each individual gets to deal one on one with each other individual and then and then cyclically moving forward work to have one one on one a week with someone in the forge. That way, you know, a 15 to 30 minute call with someone in the forge. We’re investing in that one on one voice to voice deeper conversation so they can better get to know each other, which will help the group bond More. So that’s a enhancement right there that came from one of our community members. We heard it and we’re immediately looking at how to best bake that into the pie, right, and those types of things, whether it’s at that level, whether it’s someone has a lot of experience with discord and can help make the server itself better, whether it’s. I was talking to a gentleman who’s started a nonprofit where he helps individuals optimize their resumes and get ready for new jobs and it’s like, okay, well, we could set up a channel there where he could offer that service to people both on a communal level and then also on individual levels. It makes sense. So those types of things we want to bake in so that it becomes more and more powerful and more and more resource rich, and that only happens by extending the invitation and welcoming people in to contributing and creating value, while they’re forging themselves into something that’s indomitable.

Brandon Seifert: 13:35
Definitely I love that and I also love the little peak behind the curtain because we have not implemented that and that’s super exciting. And then I actually look forward to having a very deep dive conversation with everyone in the forge. But, going back to where would someone that has this capability to provide those resources, where do they make that known?

Jon Mayo: 13:59
Yeah, absolutely so. Join the Waymaker community, the open source right, and go to the forum and right there in the form to start a thread and say, hey, I want to talk about this opportunity or have this idea or have this question right and use the appropriate thread within that open source community and we will get back. We will get with you as quickly as possible so that we can then entertain that, see if it’s a good mutual fit, see what can be done with it. All right, and that minimum give it thorough analysis and understanding right prior to proceeding with what is the best option for the community at large. And ultimately the buck stops with me to make that decision. But we do have an empowered team that’s going to work to facilitate and bring to life that as well. So that would be the way to get involved and you can find that link in the show notes here. You can find that link anywhere on my social media, on Tim Meyer social media, just about anywhere that I have a fingerprint. You’re going to be able to see a hyperlink to joining the Waymaker community and jumping right on it. Thank you for joining us on another episode of Be Relentless. If you found value in today’s show. Pay it forward by sharing with someone you care about now, not later now. Additionally, if you’re not part of the Waymaker community, why not Go ahead, join today and let’s forge forward together.

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