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051. Welcome To “Be Relentless”

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051. Welcome To “Be Relentless” Jon Mayo Podcast

The Grit Theory has evolved! Welcome to Be Relentless. Did you value today's conversation? If Yes, please SHARE IT, do not wait, take Decisive Action Now! Ready to dive deeper? Click HERE.We are grateful you joined us! Don't Forget! As a special THANK YOU for tuning into the Jon Mayo Podcast, use code 'BERELENTLESS' over at the ULA Universe to enjoy a 10% discount site wide!

The Grit Theory has evolved! Welcome to Be Relentless. 

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Episode Transcript

00;00;09;03 – 00;00;45;24
Jon Mayo
I. It’s time. Well, I’m certain that everyone at this point noticed that the podcast has changed names. He once called the theory, now called Relentless. Why? Well, at least for myself, it’s no longer theory. The power of grid has overwhelmingly changed my life and the lives of quite a few people. I’ve been blessed enough to serve and share part of this journey with.

00;00;46;18 – 00;01;26;26
Jon Mayo
So it seemed well overdue that the name became more well-suited to the intent of what we’ll be doing on this podcast. And what we’ll be doing is we continue food exploration of thought and action through conversation relentlessly, if you will. You know, I’ve just appreciated the consistent application of action over time, whether that be in self reflection in jiu jitsu, which I am nothing special.

00;01;26;29 – 00;01;48;29
Jon Mayo
I mean, I’m a great, really, really, really good at tapping, exceptional at it and losing, getting myself beat. But the thing that I love about it is when I do get beat, which as I’ve mentioned, is often my hands out to start again, the round before the other person has even savored their victory. And back at it I go.

00;01;49;08 – 00;02;15;13
Jon Mayo
Same with the work. Same with building the universal learning approach, universe and everything within it seems investing in family and with self-reflection and working to remove the impurities and deadwood and things that get in the way of a higher version of self. And that has been such a gift. And sharing it with others has been extraordinarily powerful. So that will continue.

00;02;15;28 – 00;02;44;23
Jon Mayo
And as we discuss these concepts, as we explore different ideas with different people from across our community, from different walks of life and all those things. And as we explore different concepts and ideas, all with the aim of unleashing human potential in the hope that by focusing on building the discipline of living intentionally, we will be able to equip people to lead maximized lives.

00;02;46;00 – 00;03;20;05
Jon Mayo
We will continue forward. It’s really that simple. I am personally looking forward to giving of myself and to relentlessly rolling forward, working towards a higher version of self in which I am able to learn, grow, give, create, build and ultimately love. My family, my fellow man and myself.

00;03;22;05 – 00;03;35;25
Jon Mayo
So this story continues as we determine to take consistent, relentless action forward.

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