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034: We Will Not Comply

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034. TGT: We Will Not Comply Be Relentless

Episode 34 from The Grit Theory. Today we take our stand for individual rights and Freedom. Did you find value in today’s conversation? SHARE IT! Join The Grit Theory Community Here! 

Episode 34 from The Grit Theory.

Today we take our stand for individual rights and Freedom.

Did you find value in today’s conversation? SHARE IT! 

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Episode Transcript

00;00;07;28 – 00;00;15;22


Hello. Great theory. This is John Mayo and I have Lindsay with me this time around. The recording studio. How are you?

00;00;16;12 – 00;00;17;15


I’m okay. How are you?

00;00;17;16 – 00;00;18;12


I’m doing well.

00;00;18;17 – 00;00;20;15


Really weird. Q But I’m here.

00;00;20;26 – 00;00;21;15


You didn’t like it?

00;00;21;24 – 00;00;24;14


Oh, it’s just interesting how different. It’s different.

00;00;24;15 – 00;00;26;22


I was singing like, Good morning, Vietnam, like.

00;00;27;00 – 00;00;27;17


Oh, yeah.

00;00;27;18 – 00;00;29;21


Hello, Theory Nation.

00;00;29;27 – 00;00;30;29


Okay, got it. We’re not.

00;00;30;29 – 00;00;31;17


Quite there yet.

00;00;31;17 – 00;00;34;08


But that makes a lot more sense with the context now.

00;00;34;15 – 00;01;05;08


Dream big. So let’s just jump straight into it. Here’s the bottom line. My company yesterday came out and put forth information that I’m to prove my vaccinate my vaccine status and comply or lose my job by December 8th. That’s what came out yesterday. I imagine that over the course of the coming months, things will change. And the rodeo is now begun in full.

00;01;06;13 – 00;01;31;15


Why are we talking about this? Pretty simple. We’ve talked a lot recently about grit. We’ve talked a lot about freedom. We’ve talked a lot about the ideals we want to bring forth in this country. The things we want to champion, protect, safeguard, teach our sons to be men in all these other things. And now we have an opportunity in this mandate coming to our home.

00;01;32;09 – 00;01;48;04


On what our stance is going to be. Know I want to be really clear. The vaccine status, whether you have it, whether you want it, whether you don’t, is irrelevant here. The fact that they would require me to upload a.

00;01;48;05 – 00;01;49;09


Proof of purchase.

00;01;49;09 – 00;02;10;05


Proof of purchase? Yeah. This passport thing under this government directive is a violation of our freedom and rights. And I will not comply. And you and I have discussed it, and we’ve determined that our house will not comply.

00;02;10;24 – 00;02;11;11


That we have.

00;02;12;29 – 00;02;34;12


So we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We have 48 days, including today, to figure out what our next steps are to prepare ourselves. We will continue to advocate and champion freedom and liberty and the things that make this land the best stinkin place you can possibly live on in this world, period.

00;02;35;13 – 00;02;36;08


I want to bring it back.

00;02;37;09 – 00;02;40;01


Yeah. At this point, we’re quite literally fighting for it. Yeah.

00;02;40;20 – 00;02;42;14


So we got to fight to keep it.

00;02;42;24 – 00;02;52;03


You know, there’s a lot of people I’ve had conversations with over the last couple of days who, because of this stance, you know, have decided really likes 24 hours.

00;02;53;09 – 00;03;19;19


Well, we sort of decided this this isn’t just a this came out of left field. We had to decide this. This has been a conversation that you and I have had. It’s been thought out conversation. It’s been where will we stand if this comes knocking on our door? Are we willing to do the hard thing? Are we willing to lose everything to fight for freedom for not just us, not just the boys, but for those around us, too?

00;03;20;00 – 00;03;22;13


Yeah, and you’re absolutely right.

00;03;22;13 – 00;03;22;29


And we are.

00;03;23;14 – 00;03;47;22


We damn right we are. And we’re going to. And here’s the thing. It’s not a flippant response. We have been considering it and we’ve been preparing ourselves for this eventuality. Mentally, we’re not in a place financially to lose our job. We’re not in a place to absorb this pleasantly and I remember someone reach out to me because had shared a story of this pilot who had like a science, like five kids, no job, no job type of deal.

00;03;48;09 – 00;04;21;08


And he’s like, this is somebody post. It’s crap. If you, you know, freedom of choice doesn’t mean freedom from consequence. And I’d say, yeah, you’re absolutely right. Freedom of choice doesn’t mean freedom of consequence. Here I am exercising my freedom of choice. I’m going to utilize my freedom to create freedom for people. I’m going to put my action behind my strength, behind advocating and defending liberty and what’s made this country amazing so that our children can experience that.

00;04;21;24 – 00;04;57;00


And I’m frankly tired of the justifications. I’m tired of the gray area and talk out. I’m tired of people making excuses for themselves to maintain their comfort and to maintain their plasticity as what we have benefited from is falling apart around us and being maliciously attacked. So I do feel heavily about this, and I’m willing to pay the price and I’m willing to meet the consequences head on.

00;04;57;00 – 00;05;14;26


And as a family, we’ve chosen that we will do that together and we will lead our sons in that and we will teach them from it and we will create something in it. We don’t know what that is yet, but we know there’s a way through it and that the best chance for them to have a good future is for not another inch to be given.

00;05;16;07 – 00;05;51;00


So here we are, Here we are. So given that this is where we are and given that the future is uncertain and that’s fine, that’s one of the joys of living in a free society is there’s ups and downs. We are looking to grow our community. We are looking for opportunity where we can come together with like minded people and work together and provide for our families together and to create something beautiful out of the chaos and the despair that is all around us right now.

00;05;51;00 – 00;06;11;20


So if you happen to be someone who’s interested in that, or if you’re aware of an opportunity, yeah, that we could partner with UN or work together and let us know. And if not, that’s fine. We don’t have a lot to discuss about today. It’s more of just a statement of fact. If you’re wondering where the males are at, that’s where we are.

00;06;12;04 – 00;06;20;17


And it’s going to take everyone who believes the same things and thinks these same things to start speaking up and acting based on those convictions.

00;06;21;07 – 00;06;22;02


Amistad boldly.

00;06;22;12 – 00;06;27;02


Yeah. Stop hiding in the shadows. Yeah. Let’s step into the light and make it shine.

00;06;27;27 – 00;06;31;11


So now, more than ever, learn to harvest your grit.

00;06;32;08 – 00;06;51;04


Yeah, We’re walking boldly, adding courage, bravery and determination. Despite difficulty.


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